i’m bored and i guess there’s nothing better to than to blog. hahai. but anyways. yeah,i’m blogging like crazy tonight. word vomit. i love that word. say it again, word vomit. haha. word vomit.

and yes, i am very lonely. no, not really. i really don’t have any reason in the world to be. i guess some might even say i’m lucky.i have the almost perfect friends, a good realtionship with my family. [the dad thing, it’s getting by] and no strings attached. yes, i live in paradise. but yeah. i unno. there’s always going to be something missing. oh, you know what i’m talking about.

chabel wants a guy that gives her butterflies. and makes her nervous but relaxed at the same time. she wants someone who makes her look forward to today and excited for tomorrow. she wants to like someone like the way she used to like way backin kindergarten. maybe not the kicking and punching part but – you get the feeling. she wants to say, “i’ve never felt this way for anyone in my life before.” and i say, uhhuh. what a cliche.

and carlow’s heart broken from trying to keep a love he couldn’t fix and mainly because of dota too. cige ma’g kaun ug lecheng yawang dota. porbida. wel, that’s life and that’s why i’m never going to have a boyfriend. ever. lmao. well, maybe not ever. but yeah.

and besides, i can’t fin a good guy. not anyone. i’m doomed. :)) and when i do, god, naa gyu’y contrast so, why am i ranting again? lmao.

i have no idea.

the point is. i don’t have a point actually. i just wanted to say something.

stay with me

close your eyes and count to three

we could be a little something more

stay with me

and i’ll breathe for you

-issa [that’s my song]

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