Long Live Vintage

Long live vintage purse: Fossil

Coat: Loalde| Silk top: Thrifted| High waist pencil skirt: Maze Hip Zone| Flats: SM Department store]
For the record, I know I’ve over killed these black flats of mine but I swear I’m about to retire these babies. Any suggestions for my soon-to-be-favorite black flats?
I’ve never been over the top when it comes to dressing. I like keeping things simple and my cabinets are overflowing with basic pieces- lots of black, white and jersey. K
So how do I spice up a supposedly dull outfit? With stand out pieces like this brightly colored orange coat!
I really do think it makes a big impact while keeping the whole look chic and classy at the same time. What do you think?
If you’ve noticed I’m not a big fan of chunky jewelry or accessories, for that matter. Necklaces makes me feel suffocated, my face does not look well with dangling earrings, most bracelets don’t fit me and Paolo won’t let me get a tattoo. But one of my staple accessories that I’ve been in love with for the longest time is my iPod watch strap from iWatchz (from Paolo).
I think it’s the perfect mixture of class and style and it matches my style really well plus, it’s my music, time, pictures and PAPA JOE all in one! J [yes, I’m a die-hard Papa Joe fan. NO SHAME!]
What are your staple accessories?

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