Lucid Dreams & Living Offline

I was quite taken a back a couple weeks ago when I met a good old friend over coffee and the first thing they said to me was, “where have you been? I haven’t seen you online in such a long time!”

I was shocked to hear this question because as far as I know, I’ve practically been doing everything- running a fully functioning business, going to events, posting online, the occasional blog/ vlog here and there, doing interviews, preparing for a wedding and everything else in between. Perhaps I’ve sacrificed the podcast and I haven’t been so consistent with my content online but I can assure you, I’ve been around.

This statement stuck with me for a while because it made me feel a bit inadequate and like I haven’t been doing enough but I told myself a long ago that I would never let myself feel like I am not enough so I quickly let these thoughts pass. I eventually came to the conclusion that: if you don’t actually look into a person’s life, you will never really know what is happening and that you can be doing so much online (post photos, blogs/ vlogs, etc.) and people still wouldn’t really know what you’re doing or who you really are.

I then thought about it from another angle and tried to admit that I haven’t been working as hard as I was last year to put out content- I asked myself how I felt about it and honestly, I don’t feel half as bad. In fact, I feel a lot better about myself.

I say this a lot  but I can never seem to sum up this statement but for the sake of thing blog, let’s give it a try:

I feel like the universe keeps giving me everything I ask from it- I asked for my days to be filled to the brim and It made it so that I suddenly found myself asking for more time. When I asked for it to stop, the universe heard me and gave me so much time, I found myself waiting for days to end. So I learned how to ask for everything in moderation: enough time to be busy but enough time to come home to my family and still hear the sound of my own thoughts, enough money to sustain me and the right friends who will never desert me.

It’s been a different year for me so far but honestly, I’m a lot happier and contented with where I am & who I’ve surrounded myself with. Sure, I could have more but then again, I also deserve less so I’m not going to complain but also, I won’t settle.

I know this isn’t the word vomit you came here for but then again, who reads these blogs anyways?

But if you were ever wondering, I’m still here.

About this shoot:

I shot these photos with Noel Fernandez, a professional photographer from hometown Cebu, whose specialty is debut, event & commercial shoots.

We decided to do this set because 1. we had an hour & thirty minutes to spare, 2. we were bored with our day jobs and 3. we’ve never been to Robinson’s PlayLab. Personally, I think PlayLab should’ve rode on the success of this shot which garnered 93 shares on Facebook after boosting for P200.00. That, my friends, is what I like to call a missed opportunity.

Til the next shoot,
Issa P.

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