make 10 steps back and run in that direction

so, yes,i’m home and blogging. lmao.

i spent the night at chab’s in honor of her birthday celebration which was fun fun fun. 😀 haha. we basically spent the whole day  here and there and the night watchng chab get wasted and suck on suicide sticks. lmao. nice one, chab. but i love you. 🙂

so, yeah. i don’t feel like narrating. i have a bad headache and it’s not a hangover. lmao. i didn’t drink enough to reach that stage. lmao.

i gotmy grades btw and went to toledo or my hearing. i ranked 4th but i didn’t make it on the honors list which sucks like shirt. lmao.

i need to find an alibi to go out tom. fuck.

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