meet you on the dancefloor ;]

ok, thats my lame-o sex line. i don’t know how that could ever pass as a sex line either but yeah, i wanna call it that so i will. well, not that i’d have to use it cuz i don’t do PMS but yeah, i guess someone else in the world could find a better use for it. lol.

well, my computer’s finally fixed and i’m up at 6 in the morning blogging cuz i missed blogging soo soo much. and plus i had to do james’ homework only cuz it’s the only way i can help him. while i still can. besides, he’s tutoring me the whole year so yeah. :]

school’s been pretty much ok. just ok. right now i’m just trying to get really good grades while i still can. i’m really busy with ssc stuff most of the time though but it gives me something to do while i’m stuck in school and i can’t text/ talk to james.

i really REALLY don’t like our trigo teacher though. she’s really dull and she can’t teach ANYTHING to save her life.

but yeah. i got high average in chemistry and superior in english on my diagnostic test. 😀

me and james’re pretty good. i woke up at 5 and read his message that said:

it just keeps getting
better and

and yeah, it does. it really does. but yeah, let’s not jinx it.

last week, me and the family weren’t in good terms at all and honestly, that time me and james were kinda rocky too. not really – maybe for just a night. like, i’d get pissed/ annoyed really easily but like, i’d just keep it in. he’d be out most of the time with his friends since school hadn’t started for him yet and yeah, i understood the whole bonding thing since he’s off to college but yeah, idk. i rem. getting pissed cuz he wouldn’t text or tell me where he was and that just pissed me off cuz yeah, i just wanna know where he is. simple. not too much to ask for.

but then he came over one night to give my mom some sylvana’s from dumaguette. he couldn’t stay long though but the fact that he came made me happy. idk, i guess i just try to push aside the fact that i’m mad at him most of the time. it’s never anything too big though. nothing a chill pill can’t fix. LOL. wtf.

he started college this week. it’s so hard to wake him up pa gyud. so fucking hard.

well i got to spend a lot of time with him this week. friday and saturday. and today. that sounds like a lot of time to me. lol.

yesterday he picked me and my mom up at SM and dropped my mom off at Ayala. it was quite funny actually cuz my mom gave strict instructions to sit at the BACK with her but yeah, in the end i ended up sitting beside MY boyfriend in front of MY mother. haha. god, you are soo good to me. :]

then we went to church, hung out for a while [is it wrong to make out in church? yes, i’ve realized the weirdness of the sit. but is it??] and then we had practice well, he had practice. i just… hung out there. lmao. and then like, he went to st. john to play soccer and then i went to waterfront but then i ended up telling my mom that i was going to chabels house to hang so i had someone to go to paseo with but yeah, i went to st. john. DUH. for some reason james wasn’t so suprised to see me.

oh well. whatever. [i officially hate this word, btw.]

and then later that night we went to paseo and went crazy. [i got mad at him; he got mad at me PLUS my parents were there the whole FUCKING time] and then i got kinda tipsy and danced with my girlies. lol. it was really fun. wasn’t complete though. james knows why. go ask him. lol. but yeah i still had one hell of a night. i wanna have karaoke night with mayjoy next friday night though. big party. interesting. lol.

i’m really tired right now and i’m waking up again at 8 : 30 for church. so hollah.

yeah, i have a lot of things to be sorry for right now. lol. hehehehe.

p.s. i’m not smoking again. well, idk for sure but like idk why i wanted to do it again last night anyways. impulse? it’s not a big deal, yeah, i know. but like, i wouldn’t want james doing it infront of me or behind my back so i shouldn’t either right? besides, it’s not like i’m a smoker or anything. i just wanted to do it. i just can’t fathom why i feel soo icky now. i’m not doing that again, ok? and don’t let me next time. i’d rather make out in public [or play on top of the table] than suck on a suicide stick.

my god, i want you.

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