Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, everyone! 🙂

I hope everyone had a really good Christmas surrounded by loved ones, presents and lots and lots of food!!

I decided to whip out my trench coat again since it was a bit chilly outside but of course, it was more for aesthetic purposes than it was for functionality. As much as I would love for it to snow in the Philippines, I’m glad it doesn’t. Can you just imagine how many of our homeless brothers and sisters would suffer if we actually did have snow here? #foodforthought

As for my other weapons of choice for the holiday, I’m proud to say that I got away with wearing something a bit revealing without getting my head chopped off by my family and of course, boyfriend. I’ve been dying to try out the whole cropped top trend and I was lucky enough to snap one at Forever 21’s sale. It only cost P269.00 and as compared to the items sold online, this is one made from cotton instead of spandex which is exactly how I like it.

[Trench coat: Surplus| Crop top: Forever 21| Skater skirt: Thrifted| Shoes: Grenda]

Next up- THE NEW YEAR!

Hope you have a blast! <3



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