Monster Of PMS

i have officially screwed up my relationship. I haven’t seen Paolo the WHOLE week and what do i do on the one day that we do? i make a fool out of myself and humiliate him in public 🙁

The story is: i was texting all his friends asking him about what to get him for his birthday and he STILL insisted on checking my phone even with those messages there. and he did something that made me think that he knew what my gift was and i instantly freaked out.

But i was mostly annoyed by the fact that he still feels the need to check my phone and facilitate who i’m texting. I’m always been that. I do think i deserve a little more slack than what he’s giving me. But now i realize especially after what happened… that i need to give HIM more slack than i actually do.

Believe me, i was some possessed little girl screwing at the top of my lungs for everyone to see. And he still didn’t leave especially after i repeatedly told him to do so. If it were anyone else… i know it would be completely different.

They were right when they said a relationship cannot stand without trust, ladies and gentlemen

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