my alchoholic nightmare

and this is the trouble with drinking.

you get left with a really really bad headache [ even if you didn’t drink that much at all ], you get really  dizzy and you’re left with a drunk head and a sober heart.

i know this because i’m asking myself right now, “what did i do wrong last night?” WELL, nothing really. haha. i guess i expect more from the drunk issa. an advantage that should be taken so i can get away with it because remember, you’re incontrol[not in control, whatevr] of your feelings when you’re drunk and you can get away with murder. or at least doing somethig stupid. hh. so, ok, maybe <b>now</b> i’ll admi i was drunk. even if i wasn’t. just to get away with it. lmao.


i think my problem is i want soo much. i want too much. but right now, i’d give everything up to be with him. oi, that’s not me. i swear. lmao. pero tinuod gyud toh chab, i’d stop everything. watch me 😛 erm.. no nalang. this single ife is as narly as it could get.

but whatver. we’ll get tere when we get there. and i’ll be telling myself, “why don’t yoiu ever learn?” i’m hurt already. this is murder <3

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