Naa Kay Car?


The world is my playground and everything, including my neighbors broken down cars, is my backdrop. lol

Just wanted to show the world my chubby arms and my complete lack of lady skills in this boyish ensemble you will most likely catch me in half of the time. I’ve always been a tomboy who preferred sneakers instead of heels, bandeau tops instead of bras and caps instead of headbands and I believe it’s high time this look got its own entry in my own little cyber world. The truth is, when I’m not trying to fight all urges to dress like a girl, I’m in shirts, shorts and any outfit that goes well with my overused sneakers.

Self depreciation aside, this jogger + loose top combo is actually quite useful and efficient for beating this summers intense weather especially if you’re off to do errands and don’t really have anywhere important to be. If I’m not wearing these joggers that are obvs too big for me, I’ll switch them up with beach pants; flip flops and maybe a more delicate top.




From the boy girl who lived,


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