never try to guess my mentality cuz it’ll leave you in vain and you will eventually rought

And the thought of you doesn’t make me sick nor does it make me wanna give up. instead, it makes me wanna try harder. i’m not wastng my thoughts on a weekend love affair. Just incase you didn’t know how i played.

and once again, my body is bruised all over. and i need sleep. ahaha.

think of me tonight, baby before you kiss her to sleep. hold her tight, baby like you did to me.

if i’m a push-over then you’re a lie.

anyways, the morning started out bad. bad. bad. i said that i had a slight fever so i could get out of swimming and because it was true but i oculdn’t miss it gihapon cuz today was time trials. i guess it was REALLY important. lmao. so, we did warm-ups. i wonder why they condier 400 meters a warm up. [sigh] and then time trials. i ultimately sucked today. 🙁 i sucked at IM and freestyle but i guess my butterflies and my breasts we’re aiight. i’m never ever swimming after this.

annie  picked me up there. then she bought me breakfast at mcdo. then they brought me home. i felll asleep int the car and i’m planning to fall asleep again once i’m done with this.

thank god i don’t swimming in the afternoon. THANK YOU, god. anyways, yeah. not much to write about. just that i need sleep. hah.

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