New Feature: The Cooking Fashionistas Vlog Series- Of Quesadillas and Ombre

It’s finally out! <insert awesome background music, please>
The Cooking Fashionistas
This collaboration is something that Justinne and I have been conceptualizing for a while now. Basically, what we have in mind is to share with our viewers some tricks we know in terms of food and fashion.
But honestly, it all just started with me begging her to teach me how to cook. Because apparently, that’s what women do… we make sandwiches and watch over the kids. (Not!)

How’d you like my dance? :> :> :>
In case you can’t view the video, here’s a walk through:
Ombre Shorts
Things needed:
·         An old pair of shorts – (free)
·         Spray paint – (P99.00 at your local hardware store)
·         A bunch of old newspapers – (free)
Step 1: Prepare your work area
You’ll need a lot of newspapers as to not get any on the floor or furniture (although, we highly suggest that you do this outside). Also remember, spray paint is combustible so stay away from any fire, etc.
Step 2: Start from the bottom
Because the concept is from dark to light, make sure the base of the shorts is heavily sprayed on.
Step 3: The higher, the further
As you go higher from the base, pull the spray paint further away from the shorts to get that faded effect
Step 4: Leave to dry
Once your done and once you’ve got the shorts looking just the way you like, leave it to dry under the sun. It usually takes up to 2-4 hours tops.
And you’re done!
You might also like to try:
·         Using 2 or more colors (I suggest using 2 of the same hues)
·         Using fabric glitter
Get creative and don’t be afraid to get down and dirty!
Lemme me know what you think about our first episode of The Cooking Fashionistas and what you would like to see in our future episodes!
Special thanks to Ejay Williams and Rachelle Arandilla for the awesome videography and for the amazing set we had!
Also, thanks to Zage Media Productions for producing this vlog!
Don’t forget to tell your friends!
For step-by-step directions (is that even the word?) on how to make Justinne’s Ham, Cheese and Mango Quesadillas, check out Justinne’s blog here.
I’m hungry now.

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