no more second chances

miguel has dengue. my parents are going to manila for the weekend. and i have a costume party i am soo not ready to go to. i haven’t decided on what i’m going to go as but i have a lot of choices so it’s not really a big deal. It’s just kinda ironic how i was slightly freaking out a few days ago about how i didn’t have a costume but then i realized how i like to dress up a lot and the truth is, i have a bunch of costumes here at home! :))

i don’t think i’ve mentioned my new chick, have i? his name is Rambo and he’s a brown Cebuano chick and he’s the cutest thing in the whole world!! Everytime i see him he’s either eating or snuggling up to my sibs chicks, blaze and robert, who are just regular chicks. i’m waiting to get hamsters, a guinnea pig and proli a snake on my birthday which’ll proli be reaaaallly cool once i get them.

richard texted me last night but it was a waste of time. i figured that one day was enough to be sad and shit cuz he’s not worth it. like i said, i always knew it would end i just didn’t prepare myself for it actually happening. In conclusion, i’m better off alone. it’s always been that way. maybe it’ll be this way for a while. and maybe [right now] i don’t mind.

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