not that you really wanted to know …

it’s a saturday evening and i’m just at home. james has fallen asleep on me and i have to make this font extra big cuz everything seems blurry right now. maybe because i played tennis 5 hours straight the church the whole afternoon then hung out with the family and i’ve been watching one tree hill and fixing my room and maybe i just really need to rest right now. or maybe my astigmatism is back. you know.. since last last friday.

i’m listenning to music on james’s iPod right now. [btw, i still don’t know where my pod is or who has it. this MIGHT be a problem. hehe] and aside from rnb songs and paramore, i really cannot relate to any of james’s songs. i’m listenning to “hips don’t lie” right. i am clearly sending my point out loud and clear. haha.

so i’ve been back home for 3 days already and i cleary owe whoever cares an explanation. no, a story rather. lol.

so yeah. i hate how i said that i would stay there for a month [the least] and i ended coming back home a week after. but there were soo many things to consider like, how my granny would eductae me and where she’d get the money. plus, i couldn’t just keep hiding from my dad like that. not that i haven’t done it before but there was more at risk. like, if he found out then there’d be a really big problem and he’d become a part of something that was really none of his business.

or maybe i’m just saying that to seem less like a loser. lol.

anywyas, my last weekend was pretty awesome. let’s see… i almost got drunk [i hardly ever go all the way. boo hoo] and then granny told me she was at some party with her friends to find out that she was a my other grandparents place discussing the whole me leaving the house with the whole family. [grandparents, siblings, aunt, unlce, mother, father]


and then the next day papa called up and asked if he coud pick me up so we coud talk. then yeah, that’s what we did. i asked him to read an email first though. i hav a copy of it. i don’t know if i should post it though. i won’t be loosing anything anyways so maybe i will. james hasn’t read it yet [not that it matters] but maybe he should. so maybe i should post the email here. anywyas. so he picked me up and i told him i wasn’t going to go home yet and that i needed to be with granny cuz annie’s in manila cuz apparently my grandfather is dying. like i care. does i really matter? he doesn’t even know me. seriously.

but yeah, t o make a very long story short, i’m back home and my life has been better than ever. i’m just tired from teenis training and school and everything else i have to balance. life is kinda hard. :[ sigh.

but the whole james and issa thing is turning out really good. ast night, me, james and the parens had dinner at kotie [jap. food] and then we went to sunflower to play billiards and then we went home and watched disturbia. it was really great and i just fell more inlove with him. just when i thought it wasn’t possible anymore. <3

you already know who i am

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