nothing’s ever right

you heard me right, yeah, is anything, ever right anymore? now, now. i’m not gonna turn this thing into a sleeze feast and mope about tragic unfortunate events in the life of a teenage chub chocolate eater even though i have full authority to do so. di man ko emo bah.i’ve had the perfect past few days. perfect. sure, like that exsists. haha. shuttup, is. you whore

anyways, before the madness and self hate. well, i know i’ve been having the inability to update again. it’s a sickness, i’ve accepted that. lmao. but it’s ot my fault. i blame the internet. soo stupid. i thought i’ve been deprived of dsl, only to find out that the telephone wires got disconnected. isn’t that splendid? haha. yeah. so, as for the quote sending, i’ve been forced to make my quotes and send them instead, not like that’s a bad thing or anything. i don’t know why i even send quotes to these ungrateful people. are you as ungrateful as i think you are? are you? are you? lol.i’m playing. or am i?

it’s been raining. last night was wicked. it was scary.i thought i was gonna die.i really did. end of the world thing. it’s a phobia. i know, i know. but i love the rain. i do, i do. i just get overwhelmed by it, is all. lol

anyways, my days have been ok. i haven’t prepared for the wedding yet though and i still have to prepare for the recital. soo much to do, soo little time. lol. i know, i know.

i’m tired.
what the mother fucker, right? right

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