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i’ve been a busy bee lately so i’m sorry if i wasn’t able to blog. [to whoever reads this] i like the fact that someone’s leaving me little letters when i do check my xanga though, it helps me write. it keeps me happy :]

so for the past 4 days i’ve been at stc for this artists called to serve [atcs] workshop. for the past 4 days, i’ve been spanking tamborines and praying and hanging out with james. see, i’m a tamborine dancer and he’s a magician.

“you wanna know what kind of magic
i used to make you fall for me?”

omg you dork. get real!!! :p
jk. i love you.

i can SMACK that. HAHA.

the whole thing was a really cool experience though. like, during the afternoons we’d change into different outfits. first day was kiddie outfit [i didn’t change] then retro [i wore my dress AGAIN] and third was international [i didn’t care to hange either] hehe. Tep joined which just wmade the whole thing better. :]

we’re cool. HAHA.

aside from the whole thing being fun, it was also really tiring. i swear i’m still not fully rested frm the whole thing. and honestly, i DON’T miss tennis.

me and james kinda fought on the third day though. totally my fault. sorry about that. who knew you were as emotional as i am.

life isn’t as regular as it’s usally been though. life was been one hell of a shocker to me. a few week ago my parents couldn’t stand to talk about james or simply the thought of him. but now he’s like the only thing they can talk about. last saturday i actually have candid pictures of his mom and mine conversing about clothes and stuff and the day after that, his dad and mine sat together during church. i even got to hold hands with his dad for like 5 seconds and mommy… MY MOMMY actually talked to lagz. and the coolest part is, James didn’t block out or give her a bad answer, he actually put a really big and genuine smile on and talked to her. i feel soo lucky right now. :]

last night me and papa went out for dinner then we had coffee at IT Park. Coffeebean is better than Starbucks but, it’s not like i can even afford any of em anyways. 125 pesos for Coffee. that’s just crazy! lol.

me and papa had a really good time. i actually found it in me to admit that i do like James and the coolest thing is that, he didn’t block me out or tell me that i wasn’t allowed to see him [they don’t know the WHOLE thing.] instead he give me a whole lot of things to do with the situation. he even wants to hang out with him [man date. soo gay] and maybe he can have dinner with us one night and he’s actually open to the idea of him coming to the house. i like how this is tunring out.

i honestly feel soo blessed to have a faher like him in my life. he makes me feel a lot much better and idk, he just tells me things that no one else could tell me. He doesn’t beat around the bush, he just tells me straight. something my real dad could never do. but i still have good feelings or my dad. maybe t’s love. i dont know

plus on our way home,he caught up with us. parked infront of our car and everything. oh i love speakingofthedevils. no, i love suprises. could never get tired of em. hehe.

so yeah, i’m hoping that james can come over tomorrow and pick up his ipod. maybe he can even hang out for a while i mom’s ayt with that. hehe.

enough sah. rest.

then today i had a meeting at school. it was just really fun to hang out with josh and jet again. i miss being one of the guys. yeah, being a girl is fun but i like not caring about what i’m going to wear or being consious about what i say as not to offend the other sistah. lol. i like staying balanced. ;]

then i had dinner with friends. arden came over. we’re beaching on thrusday before school ends and i miight sleep at her place on saturday. lol. crazy day. crazy day. hehe.

so yeah, i’m done.

so that was last week, yesterday and today ;]

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