i’ve just realized that there are people from school who actually read my xanga. i mean,it’s not that i don’t like them or i don’t like them around but like, i unno. i’m just not in my element when i’m with them. i feel locked up. limited. like, i can’t be me cuz, they’re not like me. they wouldn’t get the shit i do. if i showed them the kind of person i was, i don’t know. i don’t think they’d get it. i can’t be me. i don’t think i act liberated or anything but like, yeah. i’m not montessorian so, i guess my mind unconsiously decides to not want to be around montessorians. but i love them. as people. lol. i love a lot of people from there. :] but, i have my reasons for not wanting them at my party. *just incase you were wondering, kev.

anyways, today i went to Lahug Elementary school for the opening of the district meet. it turned out that ako ra gyud diuay to ug si chabel ang kalaban. so, yeah. well, i won. but i don’t feel like a winner. not at all. i guess it’s cuz, winning against chab isn’t in any way rewarding. yes, i wanted to win. i didn’t have to but i did. and i thank God for that. i thank myself for working my ass off for those points. but what do you say to your best friend who wants the same things?

anyways, big drama’s happening in Cebu. if i could give you a piece of my mind and what i think about you now then, yeah. i wonder if you’d listen to me.

honestly, informal kaau ang district meet. i mean, aha ka, just cuz it was just me and chab competing, they just told us to go wherever we want to and play there. mura ba’g, they didn’t plan it or anything and as a player to be given a set of instructions like that is kinda insulting. murag, just cuz it’s the two of us ang, you don’t care? stupid. and we had to pay for the things ourselves. the fuck.

but yeah, cebu city olympics. cebu city olympics. yeah, i like the sound of that. Thank you for the support, MMCH – not.

thank you, people. not the school. they can kissmyass. And while they’re at it, pay for fare, personal trainning and give me allowance to buy food! for a school full of social climbing heads, they suck.

ok, i’m done blabbing tonight.

law of attraction
works like a charm <3

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