Of Flowers, Being Girly and Trying To Find My Place

Take a good hard look at me, I’m a girl AFTERALL, I swear! Har. Is it hard to believe?

Interesting turn of events which led to me deciding to go all out FLOWER TO THE HIGHEST POWER on this day. Initially, I started out with a long black skirt and an over sized sweater but later on decided that I would ditch the hobo boy and go head on girl.

Eventually I decided to be experimental and give print-on-print a much deserved try. I was terrified that I would over-do it or that I would look stupid but, mostly because I couldn’t get the zipper of these pants to close. -.- WORE THEM ANYWAYS! I AM BADASS OR WHAT? Lol

Perfect example of my fashion insanity. Case closed.

See, I couldn’t even take a decent picture of myself. I look constipated in each one. My body is not used to so much girly-ness. But change is always good and experiment

[Blazer: Bread and Butter Deluxe (given); Floral Top: Daisy Fuentes Petites; Floral Pants: IT Park Bazaar; Flats: SM Kids Department]

Even the buttons on the jacket are flowers. Goodness.

What do you think of my floral ensemble?


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