To bangs instead of sizzles and to making this year… LEGEN (wait for it…) DARY!

Welcome 2014 and welcome back to issaplease! <3

Hooray for awesome posts to start of my blogging year! I hope everyone is ready for an amazing year cuz I am! 2013 was definitely a year of triumph and defeat but there is always beauty in madness, right? (or something like that *eye roll*)

If there’s anything I’m happiest about for the year that passed, it was definitely being able to work with my favorite blogger and twin, The Kat’s Meow.

I really don’t consider myself as a model since 1. I am faaaaaar behind the height requirements to be one and 2. I always imagined myself as the “behind-the-scenes” type of girl instead of the one in the spotlight. But I easily said yes when Dawn asked me  to model for Snap Ltd Apparel’s Comeback Collection for 2 reasons, 1. I love Dawn and if she asked me to strip for her, I would and 2. How could I say no to a brand that replicates everything I loved about my childhood? I knew I had to do it!

Definitely no regrets there because the outcome was amazing! It’s only been about 3 weeks since the collection came out and I’ve probably already used 4 of our shots as my profile pictures. I am THAT obsessed!

Check out the video here

Snap Apparel Ltd.  clothing brand inspired by arcade machines, 8-bit consoles & electronic beats. The techno vibe and fresh urban culture.

Check out Snap Ltd on Facebook, Twitter  & Instagram

Check out their Comeback Collection here

Models: J-Carl Villacarlos & Jean Louise Perez
Photographers: Archell Vergara & Tats Balbuena
Styling: Kathrynn Dawn Sy
MUA: Ava Joanne Red Celocia
BTS: Ninz Sy

Venue: Goombah

Thanks, Buddy Ong (Chinese, NOT Japanese) for everything (photos, ebooks and the caps I might NEVER return. hehe)

I hope to work with you guys soon! More power!



Issa Perez

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