On Birthdays, We Wear Orange



According to Chinese tradition, on the day of one’s birthday, the celebrant is most commonly seen sporting anything red.

1. I completely abandoned any and all of my Chinese heritage the day I changed my last name to Perez. (I can only count to 5)

2. I wasn’t feeling very festive on that day, either.

Although I wasn’t very hyped about wearing red on my birthday, I still wanted to wear something that would make me stand out while I went to an event and hung out with my friends after. So instead I stuck to a bright orange Mango top and pieces of black and gold to tone down my entire look.


I also decided to wear this floral cap from Filthy Project because I wanted to wear something youthful that brought out my personality. Lately, that for me has been anything with a Boho vibe or caps. Definitely caps.

I sort of felt that because I was turning 21, that I had to start wearing more formal pieces but let’s be honest… I’m not that  girl. I find comfort in boyish pieces and flats that can take me miles, shorts and caps that speak for themselves. Maybe I’m not quite ready to give that up yet but who knows…  years ago you would never see me in a sleeveless and now look!




Did you actually believe that I just turned 21? Awwwe, yoooou!!




Special thanks to Dawn and Jean for my photos <3 love you girls to death!



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