one day at a time

February 19, 2007

god is feeling sorry for me and because of that deep feeling of pity, he has piled up my life with soo many things to keep me company and soo many people to make me feel better and he has let soo many interesting things happen and yes, i’m thankful. i’m just taking it one day at a time. sure, kevin lim did ruin my happy cupcake moment cuza that STUPID fake call but at least he tried to make up for it. 🙂

yeah, it’s still hard. i still do wanna break down alot and a lot of things have been going through my mind when i have the time, that is but i know that i’m not going to let him ruin me again. i’m not going to let ANYBODY ruin me for that matter. no, not anymore. 🙁

[prays that tears won’t start falling again]

i’ve been pretty busy with our drama fest, campaigning, swimming training and of course, my consistent visits to STC [love]. i’m running for vice-president and i’m doing 50 meter and 100 meter butterfly stroke and 50 fly. is that good? lol.
we’re doing dream girls for the dramafest and i’m playing the annoying girl in the group, Llorel. lol. hey, she is kinda annoying. haha

been busy in the afternoons watching play productions too. fun, fun.

but yeah, i still can’t help thinking about youknowwhat. i can’t stop thinking of those stupid quotes i’m soo found of making and i can’t stop thinking. i wish someone would borrow my brain for a minute of something. all this self inflicted pain is driving me nuts.

all she ever wanted was
to be with you

you never even gave
us a chance to start

but you know what, honey? that’s ok. i remember from saving my first kiss that i shouldn’t just focus on my white BLANK spot. i know he’s trying to keep me busy and i know he’s trying to teach me something. i know i may sound competely dorky but i do believe in all of this. i know that he did give him to me for a purpose and though it wasn’t the purpose that i was hoping for.. but well, ok. you work in ways that i cannot imagine. it’s your call.

i’m dunzoo.

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