One Day

In a few months or maybe years from now, you will be able look at me with those big beautiful eyes that I love so much and tell me that you love me.

You will hug me in your arms that I have made my home for these wonderful years and you will thank God that you have me.

In a few years from now, we’ll be sitting down watching tv or playing a video game which will end in some sort of tickle war and we will end up staring into each others eyes and you will kiss me. Just like in the movies.

One day you will love me because I know it is hard to do now. One day we will be able to love each other and thank God that we were in this mess because it made us strong. But I know that that day is not now.

I need to tell myself to be positive because if I don’t, I might not make it til the morning and I really want to wake up to an us.

I am trying soo hard.

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