one person survey

Think of 1 person. answer the
questions below based on him/her

1.are you friends here in friendster?
+ yeah, we are

2.what place does he/she remind u?
+ church, car, couch, tons of places

+ well, cuz he was there when i was?

4.what song do u dedicate to him/her?
+ uso pa diay na?

+ haha.why your face :p his/her height ok?
+ yeah,i think. doesn’t matter, really. he/she good in singing?
+ hahaha. he can sing. about dancing?
+ i don’t know yet 😐

9.does he/she resemble a movie star?
+ hahaha. kinsa man? brat pitt? lol.

10.are you close?
+ :] on what terms?

11.did u see him/her get mad?
+ scared. mad.. i don’t know. about smile?
+ oh, all the time

13.did u see him/her cry?
+ yeah.

14.whats his/her favorite food?
+ hmm.. sushi. :>

+ cuz sushi is HAWT!

16.y did u choose him/her for this
+ because bcause..

17.did he/she make u cry?
+ almost. grrr..

18.did u make him/her cry?
+ suma.

19.did he/she made u smile?
+ all the time u miss him/her?

+ i swear to god

+ because.. it’s night time and hehe. wa
ra gud. buot man ka :>

23.wen was d last tym u saw him/her?
+ hours ago

+ car

25.msg. for him/her
+ i miss the couch

26.did u regret knowing him/her?
+ no, not in ANY way

i’d make it more detailed but this is strictly rated R

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