Let me introduce you all to my current addiction (after Annoying Orange and Pretty Pet Salon Seasons and soon Silent Hill), Order Up!

Order up is a cooking simulation- styled mini game that comes with different challenges aside from the typical taking of orders, cooking, serving and etc (much like Diner Dash that I have looong broken up with). This games allows you to manage your supplies, hire assistants, clean up your restaurant and others. Plus, the mini challenges such as getting a surprise from the health inspector and having to clean dishes which I have learned that I have no talent in, real life or virtually. *sigh*

I’m not technically a gamer girl but I do enjoy an occasional game of Left 4 Dead and Counter Strike but I draw the line with DOTA (deal breaker right there!) and iPhone games are my Kryponite.

But I’ve got to admit that I’ve grown a special fondness for Order Up above all my hoarded apps. Believe it or not and as crazy as it seems, it took a cooking game to help me realize how to take care of my relationship.

I’ve been huddled in my cube for the past 3 days, refusing to get up or to mingle with anybody. Been rushing to take smoke breaks on my own to calm my what-could-be anxiety attacks in an attempt to figure out what it takes to sustain a relationship. And by some miracle of God, all it took was a bunch of guys from SuperVillain Studios to make me realize it.

So here are a few of my shameless epiphanies:

 It takes the right amount of time. If I don’t cook it right, it won’t be perfect. If I serve it too soon it means I wasn’t patient enough to let things turn out the way they were supposed to. But if I cook it too long, there just might not be anything to look forward to anymore.

Stop, look and LISTEN. I have to admit, I have a bad habit of not reading instructions. Believe me, many tests have been failed in my name because of my inability to read the fine print. It’s a bad habit I have yet to learn from because gamewise, it cost me thousands of dollars, level ups and bonuses and relationshipwise, it has been the cause of many many arguments.

Oh the troubles of being a talker and not a very good listener.

Some people want specific things. I’ve met a lot of people who think that every relationship is the same as the other. They assume that once you’ve got the basics down (trust, honesty, blah blah) then you’re set. But I’ve come to realize that people want specific things. My boyfriend wants me to dress like “I’m in a relationship” (whatever the f* that means. *scrolls eyes. flips over table.* I HATE THIS RULE!) As for me? Well, I want a lot of things like maintaining my identity over anything else and to go to the zoo.

You can’t do 2 or 3 or 5 things at the same time and expect to have a good time. Common sense, boys!

 It takes a lot of care and nurturing.

 Sometimes, as much as it kills you, it is OK to ask for help.

Strategy is EVERYTHING. Lesson learned: No one has ever gotten anywhere good from jumping the gun. Note to self: Learn how to “think before speaking”

And some adivce to myself:

 Know when to stop. In gaming and in life in general. Oh, I’ve got the worse mouth by far.


And here’s a little bonus:

Guarantee satisfaction.


Now if only I can turn these thoughts into actions then I wouldn’t finding myself constantly apologizing.

Because I hate admiting that I am wrong. (But it must be done)


Issa P.

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