over due

my life’s been crazy! god. jus when my day’s starting to look up. something really horrible happens like, my phone getting confiscated when it’s really a bad time for it to get confiscated. fuck. it’s my third offense and yeah, i’m only getting my unit back on march. on the last day of fucking school. i am soo dead. so, you’d think that things could only get worse but it doesn’t, it just gets a little brighter, i find out a passed the Cebu Doctors University entrance exam and i did really good at it. reason to smile. and then you think, hey, maybe today isn’t THAT bad. but then you find out your helper leaves with your phone and you can’t contact her. good bye extra phone number 3. it was nice knowing you. and so far, i’ve just been in a daze of whether or not i should embrace today or just try my best to let it pass.

sometimes i hate life. haha.

oh, i got my acceptance letter from iAcademy and their inviting me to attend this thing at their school this saturday but i can’t cuz MY PARENTS DON’T EVEN KNOW ABOUT ME TAKING THE TEST. much more getting accepted to it. i think it’s enough that they know i got into the school that i told them i’m going to regardless of what they think of it.

they choose the course, i choose the school. i mean, isn’t that just fair? is that too much to ask for?

whatever. i’m going there whether they like it or not. and yes, i think i will make a decent amount of friends but i will dislike and avoid james’s girl friends because i’m not “chill” like that and i will have nice clothes by then and YES. I have already planned what i’m giong to wear this saturday for my interview with the board and dean.

is it ok to wear a denim skirt to an interview??

yeah, that’s the invitation.
they emailed it AND sent it.
i had to call the university i’m REALLY going to.

check out my college, bitch. http://www.cebudoctorsuniversity.edu/

had a photoshoot at school this week for periodicals. here.

i’ll update soon. mwaaah

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