Petty Fears

I tend to do this a lot especially when I’m left alone with my thoughts. I tend to think of all the things that scare me which is never really a good thing. It’s an awful habit, I know and if you are curious about how it feels like- don’t. It leaves you with nightmares and ruins your mornings even before they begin. How I acquired this weak hobby of mine, I don’t recall but I wish to put an end to it.

I used to write A LOT because it helped me process my thoughts easier. It’s different in your head and on paper because on paper (or screen) it’s concrete. If I can see it, I’ll accept it. But if it’s all in my head then expect a hot mess. Or just a mess. Whichever rocks your boat.

So here I am, listing down my petty fears in hopes that when I read this over and over again, I will realize how stupid I am abd maybe then, just MAYBE, we can carry on with our lives and the more important problems..

1. I fear that I will never be good enough.
2. That I will never come to find what I want to do in life.
3. That one day Paolo will wake up and realize that it is not I he wants.
4. That i will die alone.
5. That I will never make my parents proud of me.
6. That I’m goin to turn into an unhappy and ungrateful shmuck.

They really are common and random situational crises that people my age go through everyday but I’ve written them down to lighten the load. Maybe when I go home tonight, I’ll take out my journal (yeah, I keep a journal. Shoot me!) and find remedies to my mental disorder.

This is me, crazy and everything.

FYI: I am currently blogging on my phone and I think technology has really upped it’s game by letting us do this. It’s everything I have EVER dreamed of! 🙂 Yey for technology and yey for free apps!

It’s a lot more convenient to be able to ramble through my mobile when a laptop isn’t available. Also considering that work has blocked ALL my blogs. Thanks, b*tches!

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