Pink Aztec

In more ways than one, I really am proud of myself- you know, lifewise.

Aside from quitting my job, I’ve begun to really push myself out there and find that one thing that I love the most. I applied and got an interview for that Visual Merchandiser position at What A Girl Wants, declined it to take over the family business (hopefully for real this time), got hired at the Make Your Own Havaianas event (I’ll be going to training in a bit) and most of all, I FINALLY FOUND IT IN ME TO BUY A PINK SHIRT!

Baby pink, but it’s pink nonetheless. bite me.

This really is the only pink top I’ve ever owned in probably 10 years.

PINK top: Forever21| White Cardigan: Thrifted| Flats: SM Department Store

Necklace: From CANADA!

Watch: iWatchz| Bag: Hong Kong| Shorts: Stylish Chique

I never really thought I’d be that girl who bought Aztec shorts and wore pink on a Saturday afternoon but they seem to work.

I guess my advice for anyone who’s trying to transition from being a tomboy to being girly is to do everything one step at a time. First the pink and then, the shorts which isn’t completely girly except maybe for it’s color template.

Next thing you know I’ll be in heels and a dress.

Have a happy Sunday!



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