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  1. Awww you’re so pretty! I like the top right one ^_^ looks princess-y hahaha! Btw my alarm atm is set at Ignorance by Paramore, and this morning I wasn’t quite awake but I heard it playing but I was still half-dreaming, and I dreamt that I was at their concert. It was SO cool. But then I woke up and realised it was my alarm clock D:.

  2. @Aa_bEbE_pHaT_aA – Hmm I think she probably will do XP just I haven’t really looked it up. I really want to go to a concert though!! I’ve never been to one ^^;;. KAKAKKAKAKA CRAP I DIDN’T NOTICE THAT THOSE WEREN’T YOU!! IT’S TOO CLOSE UP!! (thank goodness I said the second one was prettiest >_>;;) XP. I was looking at the second one though ^^;;. Although I have to admit I thought they were all you ^^;;. Was wondering why your eyes looked smaller…XP.

  3. @Aa_bEbE_pHaT_aA – ^^; teehee sorry! I only concentrated on the makeup the first time I looked really! And then like looked at your eyes in the top two cos they look bigger, now I know why -_-;; cos it’s a different freakin person haha. Yeah your eyes look deep though :3.

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