Pugs Not Drugs

Posting my second look from Cebu In The Bag that happened a couple of weeks ago.

To see my first outfit AND a special give away from Go Rage socks, check out the link [[here]]

[Leather cap: Gaisano Tabunok| Pug shirt: The Chillout Project| Boots: SM Department Store| Denim shorts; Red Girl (department store brand)

For the second day of the event, I wanted to show off a more laid back side of me so I decided to come in denim shorts, a men’s shirt and lot of attitude. Also, I figured that my choice of clothes for the day were weather appropriate since it was either really hot or really cold and this outfit worked well with both (weather).

It’s not very often you’ll see me on my blog sporting over sized shirts and denim shorts simply because I like to keep that type of depressing out of the interwebs. Let’s face it, sometimes a shirt and shorts aren’t the most fashionable of things but with the right amount of accessorizing and styling, any plain and dreary outfit can easily be turned into one that’ll make you stand out loud and stand out proud!

I’m a very anti-fuss type of girl which means I like to stick to my staple pearl earrings and leather watch but, there are other articles of clothing that I don’t mind upgrading and down grading when the occasion arises.

For this particular outfit, I wanted the main focus of my outfit to be around my Pug shirt from The Chillout Project. I decided to match it with equally attractive accessories like my leather cap and boots which I felt, brought my entire look together by adding lots of attitude without being painful to look at.

Lastly, I made sure to put on some dark red lipstick to add a little femininity to this testosterone filled outfit. Amazing how clothes and make up can’t do without the other. #itsamaaaazing

On other news, catch me every Thursday on Magic 92.3 from 10:00 pm – 1:00 am with DJ’s Tom Candy, The Smurff, Suzzaaay and I for Happy Endings.

We like to talk about a lot of random things and I try not to open my big fat mouth too much. Paolo likes to listen 😐

Stream us 

And remember kids: Pugs, Not Drugs,


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