I’ve had this immense need to stop smoking mostly because I feel like I don’t need it in my life anymore. I’ve been cold turkey-ing myself for the past couple of weeks but I do admit to cheating a couple of times especially when I’m bored or pissed or… bored.

I read on 9gag (my chicken soup for the soul) that the first step to quitting is to be broke so I’ve only had 100 in my wallet for the past 5 days which really doesn’t matter when your boyfriend supplies your cigarettes. #fail

I have also signed up for the gym and as much as I want to go everyday, I also do not enjoy having to wash my sports bra everyday either. That and I only own 3 pairs of socks. I’m going to steal some from my mom this weekend though so don’t worry. Not that it’s your problem.

I wonder if other people at the gym have instructors who are fatter than they are, because I do. If you do, how does that make you feel? Is it like, “damn, why is this fat bitch telling ME how to lose weight? She’s got more mass than I do.” or are you just chill about it?

Also, she had the hairiest legs for a woman. It’s almost not even legal to have that much hair on your legs. Look at me ranting.

I gotta poo.


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