Ready for Combat

I’m totally overusing these boots now, aren’t I?

I realized that I wore them on my previous fashion post and now I’m at it again. Oh well.

[Top: Mango| Bandeau: Bench| Military Jacket: Thrifted| Boots: KICKS (SM Department Stores)| Bag: From Spain (gift from Paolo’s mom)]

As you can see these shots are still in my old building. We took these shots on my last Friday as an office employee and although there’s nothing really special about this look, it was mandatory that I did it anyways… for old times sake.

I’m not quite sure if I’m a boots over pants kind of girl since it’s really hot in Cebu and this outfit just makes everything so much hotter. But  I was feeling curious about what it would look like to wear boots with pants since I normally would never do that so I did it anyways (talk about being adventurous). It was ok- just OK. Although I’m not so sure I would try this look again. The temperature in Cebu is just TOO DAMN HIGH.

What do you think about this look?



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