My earliest memories of food involve Mexican cuisine which is why I have a certain fondness towards it. A little known fact, I lived in Burbank, California throughout kindergarten and some parts of first grade. We lived in what I fondly remember as the downtown/ slummy area of Burbank which was a multi-cultural community mostly consisting of Mexican/ Latinos, Asians and a few Americans. It was such a great time of my life and my best friend was Mexican, my nanny was Mexican, I could speak Mexican/ Spanish and I was even almost adopted by a Mexican. So I guess you can sort of piece the puzzle by now… lol.

Funny thing is, I never got around to loving spicy food which is ironic and at the same time, pissed my baby sitter off a great deal but truthfully, I was in it for the cheese and years later, I still am! haha

I’ve been keeping this entry in my draft section for quite some time now and it’s about time this post saw the light of day. So here it goes.

Red Lizard is another gastronomic genius brought to us by The Abaca Group who is also responsible for bringing us Abaca bakeries, Beqaa, Luncheonette, Maya, Phat Pho & Tavolata. Truthfully, I’ve only been to Abaca bakeries, The Luncheonette, Maya & Red Lizard but each one was a great experience and I’m looking forward to checking out their other selections.

Back to Red Lizard.

Red Lizard is pretty straight forward (like their website says) and offers basic, classic Mexican dishes that are affordable and keep true to original Mexican flavors. They’re homage to original flavors without compromising taste to appeal to a mass audience is what truly made me appreciate them.

Their interior is pretty dope- walls covered with luminescent wall mountings and caricatures depicting Mexican culture and bright signage’s all paying homage to Mexican pop culture. It has a very bright and light aura inside inviting everyone to come on over, grab a good meal and just have a good time.

Here’s a look at the menu and their food:

Homemade Masa Chips with assorted dips – P69.00 ++

Carnitas Quesadillas – P199.00

Tacquitos with shredded pork- P299.00/ 6 pcs.



It’s hard to find decent Mexican places around Cebu, which I think is because Cebuano’s haven’t fully embraced this awesome cuisine yet. But it is comforting to know that there’s been a slow growth of decent Mexican food around the city and if you asked me, Red Lizard is on the top of that list!

Check out their Facebook page, Instagram & Website.

Location: Filinvest Cyberzone I.T. Park, Cebu City

Operaitng times: 11am to 12am

For reservations/ inquiries: (032) 233 9879


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