I honestly think that the best thing I ever did fashion-wise was invest on blazers from Laundry Clothing

They’ve really helped me put a lot of my looks together and they’re super comfortable, too. I’m totally loving them and I don’t even care if my recent posts have been of me in a blazer. lol

[Leather hat: a CFB’s favorite secret shopping haven. If you ask nicely, I’ll tell! hehe| Folded racerback: Old| Origami skirt: Alla Moda Thrift Shop| Blazer: Laundry Clothing| Gold flats: Ayala Department Store]

I’ll be honest, my style is pretty boring. I like to keep it old (grandma old) and simple. I don’t like color that much and my default bottoms color schemes have and always will be shades of black and white.

But this look… is trends personified! I’ve got a leather cap on, an origami skirt and I’ve even attempted the whole cropped top look. Of course, Paolo would skin me alive if I actually got one so I decided to play around with what I currently had (an old racerback) and folded it instead. If I come out of this alive, I will probably buy myself a decent one.

It made a lot of sense for me to wear black today because I’ve been struggling with my triathlon training (I’m riding my bike for Sugbo Tri’s Hunat Sugbo Triathlon this October 6) and the fact that I can only make it half way through my uphill course training is making me sad. Thus, black is the current emotion of the day.

What do you think of my look?



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