Rootches Cultures Launches @ Handuraw 3rd Anniversary!


There’s a lot to celebrate about like the end of summer, the start of the rainy season, Handuraw Pizza Gorordo’s 3rd year anniversary and Rootches Culture’s launching!

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Rootches Culture, a lifestyle brand that promotes good vibrations, will be launching their first line of apparel this June 11, 2016 (Saturday). To compensate this momentous occasion, their first design will be a limited edition design and will come in two colors: black & white for only P300.00.
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Since Rootches Culture’s main goal is to spread and promote good vibes, knowing and staying true to our roots; there’s no better place to kick off their launching party than at Handuraw’s anniversary! There will also be lots of good music by some of Cebu’s local artists who will be rocking out and celebrating with.
Be sure to check them out especially if you’re into skating, surfing, long boarding, any time of adventure and of course, good music- cause we all need the perfect theme song for “those” moments.







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 Imoha nang tagay,

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