saddest monday ever

yes, i am sad today.

i can’t go to the mall today because my mom thinks i’m being abussive. but i don’t think i am. i’m simply making up for all the saturday’s when i didn’t go out. lmao.. fine,i admit, i just really REALLY REALLY wanna go out today. lmao.
kate’s leaving in a few hours and i was supposed to watch miami vice with some friends. haha.i know, right? me? miami vice? i bet’ll scared the buh-jeeperz outta me but hey, i survived troy and the gladiator. :]

btw, i fixed it, yes, i did. lmao

mom told me that we’re moving next sunday. fine. family day is this sunday. better. i don’t have class on the monday after that. fine.

god, i really, realy, really ,really wanna go out today. i’m actually starting to feel sorry for all the people that i threw bitch fits at cuz i coudln’t go out. I LOVE YOU 🙂

i’m quoting kathya, “let’s all get FUCKED UP and DIE!!”

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