Seafood Fiesta Buffet Fridays with Montebello, Cebu

A huge part of our 2019 is to lose weight the HEALTHY way and what other way to do that than to start heating and living healthier? While Paolo and I admit that finding dining options is a bit hard and avoiding meat completely has been quite a struggle, we can kick back and relax on Fridays knowing that Montebello now offers a generous and delicious spread of seafood for us to delve in.

I experienced the happy treat last Friday and it would definitely be my pleasure to share the experience with all of you!

While I’m not going to dive into each and every dish, I would highly recommend indulging in the seafood appetizer section- I surprisingly found myself making my way back and forth throughout the night.

Plus, Friday’s are such a great time to drop by Montebello especially if you’re looking for a place to unwind with friends and family. Drop the day times for awesome photos *pro tip* lol

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Issa P.

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