Shopping for Trends ft. StyleWe

I’m at it again, tab shopping instead of window shopping and I have to admit, this selection has by far been my favorite!

I found myself browsing through StyleWe this time and I’ve developed a particular fondness for their designer section which is full of trendy, versatile and essential closet picks.

Honestly, I don’t really know what my “style” is but lately I’ve been leaning more towards basics and comfortable pieces because I’ve been working a lot more than I typically have over the past few months. Being able to move with ease is my topmost priority now and these pieces are perfect for the sudden lifestyle shift. PLUS, I could totally travel in these pieces, too!

Angel Eyes



If you’re a total online shopping junkie, I would definitely recommend checking out StyleWe.

Honestly, can we ever have enough clothes??

Happy Shopping,

Issa P.

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