should i be SORRY?

there’s nothing good to talk about when it comes to work. Juvy, the secretary has been asking me to fix her email and i can’t. so, sorry, kid. HAHA.

suprisingly, the phone HAS been ringing lately. lol. I got a bunch of calls today but mostly from my mom and this lady person, Eunica from Dumaguete following up her banner orders for this Mayor who’s running for office – again. I think. lol. Yey us. We have cool customers. haha.

I recently discovered that we make the traffic enfourcers uniforms [you know usually yellow/ oranger vests with a gray shiny belt thingy] and the able services uniform [the grey and yellow uniforms the janitors at ayala wear] and Collonade’s uniforms. lol. i’m such a show off. HAHA. i’m not one to deny what i’m truly guilty of. but yeah, no one reads my xanga anyways so, I’m safe. Besides, a lot of people make uniforms and clothes. I just like a brag and blog at the same time. HAHA.

tennis today was stressful. I left my racket at home and i had to wait for my papa to bring y racket with him at around 10 which was very stressful because 1.] i really wanted to play while waiting for casey and 2.] i really wasn’t sure if my papa was really going to bring my racket. he’s evil like that. “this ought to be a lesson learned, Jean Louise!” and he doesn’t bring it which’lljust make me suffer more. so, just in case he didn’t [and i had a gut that he didn’t] i borrowed Ayana’s racket. and guess what? my papa brought my freakin racket so i ended up bringing 2 pretty rackets with me. HAHA. i wish i didn’t have to return aya’s racket though. it’s pretty. it’s blue and it looks really really brand new. haha. i know i’d break a racket like that.

another reason why tennis was stressful today and not to mention draining was cuz we had these odd new drills. they split us up in two and yeah, it was weird. and i sound very addicted to tennis. haha. i don’t want to though cuz.. i don’t play as well as i sound so, i should shut up. point is, i love tennis. shutting up now :]



yeah, the biggest thing i had to do today was upload THAT picture from our company’s electronic mail. it was very hard to do, btw. haha.

i’m tried it’s almost wait, it IS 5:30 so i can basically leave and sleep now. yey. :]

if writing down prayers/ wishes and dreams on paper or wherever really does work then this is to whoever in the world is listening. i want music in my life.i want another piece of spice. i want another one of “those” nights again. i hate to admit it but… i’m afraid that i’m beginning to want you.

get over it.


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