Smarty Pants



One thing that every person needs in their closets are a good pair of pants. Unfortunately, that is something that I have deprived myself of for a very loooong time but, not anymore now that I’ve scored these awesome jeans from Guess.¬†

I never realized how much you could do with a decent pair of pants- you can wear them to work; to a chill night out with friends or in this case; you can pair it with an awesome high-low polo, throw on your trusty hat and voila! you’re ready to turn heads wherever it is you’re headed.

I got over my fear of trousers because I made the effort to try something new and I don’t regret it one bit. It’s a funny thing to be scared of, pants, but now that I’m over my little fear I find myself being a lot more confident and adventurous with other trends I never would’ve tried out! Remember, there’s nothing wrong with experimenting with different styles; ¬†patterns and looks for as long as you stay true to what makes you comfortable and unique. Fashion is your friend and when you feel like you need a little bit more inspiration, that’s what this blog (and every other blog out there) is for.





Floppy hat: Topshop| Polo shirt: Planet Exchange| Pants: Guess Jeans| Sandals: Carcar




Necklace: Moms [whom I miss :(]



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