Soaring and flying

Yes, I’m alive. You guys probably thought I was dead, didn’t you? Well, there have been 2 major factors which have been keeping me from blogging.



I’ve busy with school. It’s been crazy.

We had periodicals one week and then the week after that was intramurals week and in between that, we had non stop practices and idk, school’s just been really draining.


Note: Joanne, Sam and Mary Anne haven’t paid for their term paper yet.



            Our internet has been fucked up for waaaay too long.


            Just in case you guys thought that me and james have broken up based on that last blog, no, sorry, we’re still together. :] we’ve been together for 6 months since today, actually. Lol. It’s actually pretty cool.


            Anyways, intrams week. Yeah. That was pretty awesome. We won cheer dance, volleyball, swimming, badminton and basketball. The only thing we lost were our voices. Omg, that was a stupid thing to say. Har.


            Next blog.

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