soo emo

i haven’t made an update in such a loong time and yes, it’s making me feel bad. not because i can’t keep certain people updated but because, i think i’ve been shutting myself out from my emotions waay too much lately. but i figured, hey, if it keeps me sane for a little while, i’ll keep doing that. well, at least until i faint from an anxiety attack like last year. i dare to push the limits with myself. i want to see how far i can go without having a nervous breakdown this year. i can’t wait too long. <- keep yourselves updates, will you? lol.

school’s been hectic. i hate teacher jo now and what else? yeah, i’m drowning in projects. mine and other people in my batch’s projects. which reminds me, i need to borrow flip books from people. help?

intrams are finally coming [stc’s, that is] and i’m hyped for that. i always have been. i miss it there so much. i miss my friends. i’m waiting for thursday.

well, i’ll update more. i swear

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