steaks and beef yakinikus <3

guess who just reached 80 pounds? I DID! I DID!! just like my plan. so now that i’ve gained some of my weight back, i’m gonna start maintaining it. 😀 i feel like i won a million bucks cuz it’s taken me a long time to actually start gaining my weight again.

anyways, i don’t even know why i’m rambling on about this. wa lang.

school has been exhausting. i have a full schedule from 9 – 4:30 and on tuesdays and thursdays i get off at 6:30. it pretty much sucks but i guess i’m fine with it rather than just staying home all day doing nothing or going out and getting wasted. right?

i’m soo looking forward to this weekend cuz i have plans

Friday: Kating’s party
– Theme: Never Never Land
i’m going as tinkerbell and i know i’m gonna have so much fun. i doubt there’ll be booze too so i won’t get drunk. i’ll just have good clean fun. so excited for that!

Saturday: School

Saturday: Yumi’s party
– Theme: Black and white
i don’t even know what i’m wearing to this. i hope Kim’ll be there though 😀

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