stop pushing me aside!

i just have to blog like hell before i go. i just have to. sigrid told me all these horrible stuff about church camp and i swear, i don’t know if it’s church camp or boot camp.

things sigrid said:
* no mobiles during jesus time – ok, i don’t have to follow ALL the rules, do i?
* a lot of crying – argh, matey. i bet i’ll crack first. what an absolute shame
* shower time basically turns into a rat race. you have shower on and shower off times. you have to wake up hellah early to shower first and i bet it’s not even hot water. DAMN IT!
* you have to wash your own plate and utensils after eating. and it’s packed food – holy mother.
* it’s hot
* but it’s fun daw. DAW. isang malaking DAW.

i’ve always had a thing against pastors wives but i was texting judy earlier and she was very nice to me. maybe it’s cuz she see’s i’m taking an effort in joining this church thingy. and i guess it’ll be ayt cuz lagz’ll be there. [but i told him i’m going there single. no pretend boyfriends this week. he is just not my type] but then there’s pastor bo’s wife. god, i hope she suffocates or something. and i say this with a light heart. i’m not really mad or annoyed at her, i just think it would be really cool to see her choke and maybe die even. haha. i’m evil.

i’m done packing now. *finally* it took the whole afternoon to pack and i’ve brought 3/4 of my cabinet with me. 5 days is a long time, you seriously can’t blame me. and yeah, i’m bringing two bags. and 2 pillows. one for me and one for lagz.

i know what i’ll be praying for there and you guys already know it.

i’m soo predictable.

my last meal for the week was absoltuley heavenly. i had yellow cab. it was like my dying wish, to eat there before i have to eat hahaha church camp food. i don’t mean to sound like a bitch but yeah, i’m not exactly familiar with what to call it. who knows, maybe when i get back, i’ll be a changed person. who knows. maybe… hahaha. maybe not.

i’m just really full of mixed emotions right now. like, i don’t know why i’m going so i’m not going to expect anything either. i just know that i’m going to be away for 5 days and i might as well expect the worse. i just hope the people there are bearable and that i meet good friends. no gaby’s , please.

everyone is leaving this week though. it’s like, let’s run away from cebu week or something. niƱa might go to hong kong this week but just for a few days and my better half is going to manila and tacloban and bagiou and EVERYWHERE for a whole month and i didn’t even get to say good bye to them. life is very random, indeed.

and i can prove this, really. i mean, i woke up this morning tearring up real bad cuz no one in my family even bothered to wake me up to go to church. yeah, i was really hurt. i mean, i woke up and saw my family racing to the car to go pray to god and they didn’t even bother to wake me up. it was really bad. i mean, i actually felt that they didn’t want me around cuz i don’t know.. i’m not an actual Perez. oh sigh. i’m over it.

out of total rage i raided their closets and ate like hell. i turned the computer, tv, aircon and fan on all at once and watched sixth sense and didn’t even bother greeting them when they got home. PAY BACK, BITCHES! [yeah, i’ve realized i’m not exactly the best step/ daughter in the whole world but that’s just how i am. i demand for my own place]

and then when i DO start talking to momy she brings up the church camp. she says i should go cuz i’ve been turning them down for years and cuz i don’t exactly go to church and that i need guidance [which btw, is THEIR job] and that i should go. and by should that meant, it’s either i jus shut up and go or i’m going to make you feel like shit if you don’t. and idk, my mom’s voice just started to get REALLY annoying so after asking everyone on my ym list and sun distribution list if could go, i decided that i WOULD go. aircon or no aircon. despite i’d miss tennis for a whole week. and even if that means i’d be missing the mall.

hey, it could do me some good. i’m taking a risk. if i can’t take a risk at “love” then i’ll take it for more imp. things. my fate.

awh. bet you think i was gonna get all senti, din’t you? hell no.

i’m gonna miss blogging and i’m gonna die if there’s no signal.

atay oie. 5 days feels like FOREVER.

i have to finish princess diaries II now. i’ll see you in a week.

[p.s. i was just kidding about pastor bo’s wife dying. but i still pray she’d choke]
[p.s.s. please dear god, please PLEASE PLEASE let me hear from him while i’m away. let him sweep me away and say something like, hey i miss you or better, let him phone me. his voice is awhhh.. to die for </3]

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