Stripes and Bright Lights

There will always be that one outfit that you don’t mind wearing over and over again despite the “3 month rule”. (You know, that rule where you can’t wear the exact same outfit in a span of 3 months…) This is mine.

I have recently come to discover that I am most comfortable in shorts and loafers mostly because I feel young and stylish while still being able to maintain a certain level of maturity, as well.  Plus, when paired off with a striped top and a bright accessory, it instantly screams Taylor Swift– and I am totally OK with that!

I find myself sporting this look to coffee dates with friends or for a long day of window shopping with my sister or mom or any occasion that  requires long hours of standing or walking around. These loafers are so comfortable and the fact that it’s an ageless piece is just the cherry on top of my low sugar ice cream. haha!

 What’s your favorite outfit?

Top: Regatta

Shorts: Department Store brand

Loafers: Carcar



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