stronger than we think

the thing is, i like you- i like you alot. I like you so much that i honestly think that one day, i could actually love you. I like you in a way that when you’re not around, you’re the only thing i am able to think about. I worry about you and if you’re ok and if there’s anything that i can do to make things better for you. i actually think before a say anything or do anything now because i’m scared of the chances of losing you. and i don’t want to lose you.

but when i think about it real hard, you are still just a boy. you lie and you cheat and you make up excuses when there is no need for them. you create your own problems and i can very easily see that you are capable of doing a lot of things that will most likely be the end of me. and with that, i know for certain not to fall too deep for you.

But you know, if you had to leave. if you actually left, i don’t think i would be THAT hurt. I don’t think it would be so hard. Sure, i’d be sad but you know, it’s just come to a point with me where, if you’re going to leave then so be it. I won’t cry and i won’t go chasing after you.

I think things get easier after the first time.

I realized how vulnerable i am and how easy i am to fall for the little things. as if i haven’t learned anything before. haha. but you know, i’ll take everything as it is nalang. don’t really care anyways.

well, i don’t anymore! :))

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