Sunnies Face, Now Open In Cebu (SM City Cebu & Ayala Center)!

I often find myself saying that the Sunnies moguls- Georgina Wilson, Jess Wilson, Bea Soriano-Dee & Martine Cajucom could sell me a scalding bag of poop and I would still buy it. When they first came out with Sunnies my initial thoughts were, “why would they decide to sell sun glasses? Aren’t my fake Raybans enough?” and yet every time I pass by a Sunnies Stand, I can’t help but feel the urge to steal buy every piece of tinted glass on their shelves.

Then they came out with Sunnies Optical, it sort of made sense but then I thought- “I doubt they’re going to replace the long standing optical brands we’ve been getting our glasses from for the last 2 decdes” and yet here we are, 2 years after, 5 frames in (4 broken, 1 lost) and I’m still getting my prescription glasses from them. Many will argue and say they’re fragile frames and that you can get the bang for you buck elsewhere but that’s never stopped me. Except for now since… I’ve give up on frames.

AND THEN they came out with their Sunnies Fluffmate line and I was like “get the fuck out of the house, I’m so tired of their shit” but guess who almost had a panic attack when she wasn’t able to check out her lipstick when their website crashed? me. Guess who set her alarm 30 minutes before the website launch so she could possibly get every fucking color? me. Guess who now has 3 of the colors after JUST vowing to not buy lipstick? me.

Now don’t get me wrong, I know it looks like I would walk off the face of the earth if these ladies would ask me to but in all honesty, I do not aspire to be or look like them. I don’t stalk their social media accounts nor do I feel the need to breathe their air but I do respect them and I do admire them and what they’ve done for fashion girls like myself. They’ve given girls the ability to express themselves in the smallest yet most impactful ways- take eye wear for example: to some of us, it’s just a piece of metal, plastic and glass that you put on your face but now it’s an article of clothing that allows someone to get an idea of who you are: classy, quirky, fun, sophisticated- you name it. Same effect with lipstick. That, and the fact that their creamy texture, gorgeous colors at the sweet; sweet price of only P345.00 really hit the spot. In truth, I have yet to have an opinion about their highlighter and brows duo kit but so far the women of the world say yes.

I didn’t really understand the “IT Girl” effect at first but as I stepped into Sunnies Studios in my plaid dress, boots and beret on opening day and allowed myself to revel in the all the fashionable looks that each girl was wearing I suddenly felt like that was the one thing missing in my life all this time- a space to be myself, to feel good and be that girl I always wanted to be from the magazines.

Call it whatever you want but 9 year old Issa would never think that 20 something year old Issa ever would get to wear boots and a beret in Cebu so I still win.

Welcome to Cebu, Sunnies Face- this blog is unnecessary but once I started writing it I couldn’t stop.

can’t wait for the next thing hopefully within decent time periods cuz you know, we have a wedding to pay for…

Issa P. very soon to be G.

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