sunrises and sunsets

I think I noticed when things started to change. The hugs were quicker, the phone calls were shorter and weren’t every night. We didn’t hurry to the place we said we’d meet. The I love you’s felt more like a forced, daily routine, and really had no meaning. When we saw each other, the smiles weren’t as bright, or as big. Our thoughts weren’t only of each other. We seemed uninterested, we felt unloved. We had too many doubts. I think I noticed when things started to change.

hey, i just came from the beach with my family. it was pretty damn awesome, too! we drove til the tip of the city because we felt like it and ended up shacking up at some random resort. during meals we’d walk to the public beaches and run into a bunch of people. Some of my friends were there and it was nice to see them and it made me happy that i was with my family cuz i know that i’m the only one in our whole group who actually does stuff like that with them 🙂

i’ll upload pictures so you guys can see what i’m talking about. hehe.

anyways, i’d blog about everything that is awesome in my life but i really can’t see right now cuz my astigmatism has gotten really bad lately so i’ll proli have to start blogging when i get my contacts na. sorry guys 🙂 maybe i’ll just make videos instead. lol. btw,i’m actually planning to do that. HAHA.


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