Sushi Boy Introduces New Japanese- Filipino Inspired Items!

There’s a common misconception that good Japanese food usually hurts ones pocket but at Sushi Boy, anyone can enjoy great tasting food that is budget-friendly without sacrificing quality or taste.

Their menu includes a variety of maki, sushi, rice bowls, sashimi and yakimono among many others with their bestselling items being: gyudon, ramen-tantan, gyoza, and California maki using only high-quality ingredients for each and every masterpiece.

This contemporary sushi bar combines everything we love about Japanese oriental food and Western industrial interiors to give us not only a gastronomical experience but a  visually pleasing experience at the same time. With their distinct container van housing, Sushi Boy is a 101-square-meter restaurant that can accommodate over a hundred diners making it a perfect place for dates, small intimate gatherings and even parties!

Sushi Bar takes pride in merging Japanese and Filipino tastes which makes them stand out among the rest. Their takes on Chicken Karaage, Crispy Tuna Sisig and Tuna Salpicao are modern tasting and are a refreshing twist to the more traditional flavors, making great additions to their existing menu.

Sushi Boy is currently located at Ouano Avenue, NRA , Subangdaku, Cebu City, Philippines but will soon but opening their second branch at the Garden Bloc of Cebu IT Park!

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