sweet 16 <3

hey, angie’s here right now. i’ve decided to blog despite her presence because i’m 16 and i can do a lot more things now such as… lol. :]

anyways, we came from the party and it was madd! like, omg. despite the fact that everyone from school was bitching at me, they decided to show up. op or not, they we’re there watching the girls wildin out and getting wasted. lol. the best part of it all was my best friends went and i couldn’t ask for anything more. lol. and yeah, i got gifts too.

early bird: kc then the koreans. wow, the koreans. so unexpected. haha. ikinda only invited 2 but yeah, the whole clan went but they just stayed to eat then they left so that wasn’t so bad, i guess. i mean, yeah. lol

i don’t wanna enumerate the people who went to the party cuz there were alot. lol. not exactly 80 though but food worth 80 people and that was crazy. too many leftovers. tsktsk. haha.

so, yeah, typical party with dancing, drinking, hook ups but yeah, i loved it. loved it soo much.

i’m 16 now and well, i feel like i own the world. HAHA. it’s christmas. lmao.

i got boyfriends for my birthday too. i’m sucha slut like that 😉

* william [bday gift from the guys]
* kristian ditan
* erik lee [korean]

btw, i’ve turned korean. HARHAR.

i love you.

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