How To Style: Mesh & Track Pants

I expressed my love for the resurfacing 90’s trend in several previous posts and the fandom just isn’t dying any time soon! Can this trend just never die? I know most people my age hate it but surprisingly, I have no problems dressing younger than I actually am. lol.

My good friend was celebrating her birthday with a 90’s theme and I couldn’t pass of the opportunity to dress up as Sporty Spice. Kids, if you don’t know who she is… GOOGLE is your best friend! You are welcome. To be honest, Mel B wasn’t particularly my favorite Spice Girl but I always affiliated myself with her the most and let’s be real, when was I ever the girly type?

Heads up, I am currently stocking up on mesh pieces because I want to do a styling video so once I get all the quirks fixed, you’ll catch it on this blog!

Mesh top- Forever 21| Sports Bra- Old Navy| Track pants – Adidas| Sneakers- Vans| Aviator glasses- Forever 21

Also, I have 2 hair colors in this post. WOWZA!

Girl Power,


90’s Fashion

There’s a lot going on with fashion nowadays- my moms impeccable then style is now a thing again which means I could have raided her closet… if she had only kept her clothes from way back when.

High waist + ripped jeans, turtle necks, dark lipstick and boots- I’m almost a hundred percent sure I’ve seen my mom wearing the exact same thing almost 30 years ago which goes to show that you should never dispose clothes because you never know when it’ll be in style again. Jk. I do not promote hoarding!

Seriously, I need to unearth some bomb photos…

Top: H&M| Jeans: Let’s Stylize| Boots: H&M

Sorry for the brain fart!


Issa P.