To Wherever The Sea May Take Me II


I’ve always been the type of person who liked to run away from my problems- literally and metaphorically. My logic was, if I could avoid having to face the problem, it would eventually be ok. Don’t they tell you that time heals all wounds? So I moved out, avoided the people who hurt me, changed Facebook accounts a billion times, deleted URL’s and did anything I thought could help me get away.

But sometimes, you can only run so far and in my long time of running and not really getting anywhere, I’ve realized that the things that matter the most are the things that haunt you and find even in your deepest lurks and corners.


I think that God (I am trying not to be so skeptic anymore) has his ways of pulling us out of the dark, no matter how comfortable we’ve become without light. We may not understand why or we may not want it but when it finally happens, we realize that we’ve always wanted it… we were just too scared to want the things we know could hurt us.


I have finally finally finally stopped running away from one thing in my life, sometimes I would say it could be one of the most crucial things in my life, and instead I’ve decided to run towards it. If you asked me if I was excited about it, I’d tell you that I’m terrified mostly out of the fear of disappointment… but what it life without a little beating, right?

But nevertheless, I hope all will be well.


You may not know my story or where I’m coming from after all, the most you get out of this blog are pretty (I hope) pictures and a little bit of this and that, here and there but take it from someone who’s been sitting in the dark for decades… sometimes things get dark and then they get brighter and then they get better.




Meet my family all the way from Texas.

Kiona, Alvin, Leah, Paolo and Nielsen

To Wherever The Sea May Take Me


I wish I could just lay on the beach with the sand in my hair, sun in my face, Pina Colada in my hand, sand in my feet and not to mention, an endless bikini collection every day of my life. If people were to ask me what my foundation is, I’d tell them it’s sunburn and my conditioner would be sea water. The fish would be my friends and my backyard would be the sea and instead of partying under flashing lights, I’d have the sky’s twinkling lights and sparks off the bonfire where I’ll most likely be at the end of the day. I’d never be depressed because I’d never have any problems and money would NEVER be an issue cuz well, DUH, I’d be stinking rich!

What an absolutely beautiful thought to think while I’m on our couch, half asleep, while taking my lunch break.

The real world sucks.



My next few posts will be photos that I took over my short vacation to Bantayan Island so I hope you all enjoy that.

To be honest, I went on this trip to spend time with “lost” family and within those 3 days, I have learned so much about other people and more particularly about myself. I’d rather not tarnish these memories with fancy fashion advise as to what to wear to the beach but since I have gorgeous pictures and I’d rather not put them to waste, I figured I’d perhaps blog about something else.

I’ve realized that being a fashion blogger seems very glamorous but to say that I live a glamorous life would be a complete and utter lie. So maybe it’s time that you get a glimpse of what’s on the other side of the screen.

I hope everyone is looking forward to that because I definitely am. I think it’s an important aspect for me, as a blogger, to show a more personal side of myself. Fashion advice will always be there but when there’s something in your heart that could probably mean more to others, I think it is meant to shared. I always wish to be an inspiration to others so I hope in the next few entries to come, you will find comfort in my pains and somehow, use them to make your stronger.


 ‘Til then,


Cropped tie dye top: Cebu Thrifted Picks

Bikini: Coco Cabana

Sunnies: Forever21

Hat: Street Vendor